Composite square manhole cover

Composite square manhole cover

Model No.︰MC-M600

Brand Name︰CHAO CAI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 150 / set

Minimum Order︰10 set

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Product Description


1.Composite square manhole cover features


 (1)  Environmental protection


With raw material non-toxicity, it will not influence to user;


(2) Saving mine resource


Composite square manhole cover is made by regenerated resin or regenerated plastic raw material, which save application of cast iron.


(3) Longevity


Acidalkali and corrosion resistance; Anti-rust; insulation; anti-abrasion; weatherability; excellent anti-pressure capability;


(4) Competitive price


The price of compound manhole cover  is lower than stipulated standard cast iron ones;


(5) Light weight


The weight is 1/3 lighter than cast iron ones so that it is convenient to transport, install, rush repair; construct easily and reduce working intensity;


(6) Nice appearance


Outstanding dying, rich colors; the cover is not sprayed in surface but painted in whole material so that the color can keep lasted;


With clean, smooth surface, it will be consistent with the lawn or ground, beautiful and functional;


(7) Anti-theft


Non-recycle, anti-theft naturally; the lock attachment can prevent tunnel products from losing, therefore city blackhole can be stopped totally;


(8) Low noise


Harsh noise and rebounding free when car rolls


2. Composite square manhole cover applications




(1).Electric power pipeline well; post, telecommunication, communication pipeline well;


(2) Street lamp well, fire control well, all kinds of valve wells;


(3) City water, drainage pipeline well; heat supplied, gas well;


(4) As cover board for anti-corrosion project, open ditch; it as well as can be made according to customers requirements.


Payment Terms︰ TT,Western union, Moneygram

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